A lot of offshore dev organizations over the years you guys (and girls) are better than any group i have worked with bar none. you have done an amazing job, cranking out a lot of very high quality code, week in and week out. i’m very grateful and impressed, and based on the response we’ve gotten so far from the market our customers are too. thanks again.

Mark Canon

You have laid a great foundation, and the FLOOD will begin soon.

R. David Franklin
Sportxast testimonial


Mark Ortega
CTO - Sportxast
Disney testimonial

We are so fussy about princess faces, and we are thrilled with your work. In fact, we weren’t sure which was yours and which was ours!”

Susan Griggs
Creative Operations - Disney Consumer Products

You did a terrific job with our Little People project. As we develop our plans for key brands, we will definitely be in touch.

Dave Ciganko
VP Design - Fisher-Price
Verge Fund testimonial

I love building software companies, but it is particularly challenging to find good developers at a reasonable cost these days, and only getting worse. I’ve never been a fan of outsourcing, but have found the solution: offshore full time leased employees via RipeConcepts, which work under our team’s direction. We now have four companies where we’ve been built out our development team in Cebu. RipeConcepts does an amazing job bringing us high quality applicants and then providing a professional environment and structure for them to work within. We have amazingly fast growing companies which would not be possible without RipeConcepts.

Bill Bice
Chairman - Verge Fund

Ripe is so great! For the record, I recommend you to my colleagues every chance I get. Really appreciate the top notch work and customer service.

Erik Kelly
Account Executive - Edelman
Marketecture logo

After many years of using third party vendors, we finally realized the ONLY ONE that brought us value was RipeConcepts. We recently fired all the rest.

Oliver Bigler
CEO - Marketecture
Franklin Covey testimonial

Our return on investment is outstanding, the anticipated savings is roughly five times the cost of the US-hired team.

Sarah Merz
CEO - Franklin Covey Products
Daz 3D testimonial

We were pleasantly surprised at the level of talent that RipeConcepts was able to secure in a field that is quite specialized. The animators that RipeConcepts hired for us at Daz 3D are extremely talented! I have been very impressed with their ability to take direction and responsiveness to that direction. Fantastic resource…

Taylor Wilson
CTO - Daz 3D
SEO.com testimonial

The PHP programmers we lease from RipeConcepts have become an integral part of our team. They’re easy to work with, produce first rate work and increase our efficiency. We’ve come to rely on them to keep our projects moving forward round the clock, enabling us to meet aggressive deadlines. It’s a great solution!

Travis Winger
Director, Product Development - SEO.com
Bluehost testimonial

As a hosting provider, it is important that our customers have great looking websites. We have worked with many design firms over the years and RipeConcepts beats them all! I have continually been impressed with the quality of their work. Our customers are thrilled. You can’t beat the quality for the price. We highly recommend RipeConcepts to anyone who needs a reliable and talented design partner.

Steve Handy
Director of Sales & Client Retention - Bluehost
SirSpeedy testimonial

AMAZING! I think you and the team captured it perfectly!!

Brian Coriaty
Store Owner - SirSpeedy Whittier
SirSpeedy testimonial

Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for great execution.

Dan Nestor
Store Owner - SirSpeedy Wilmington
Logoworks logo

In only 6 months of competing head to head with HP’s Logo Works’, internal design staff and also their outside top tier freelance community, RipeConcepts is being chosen by HP’s customers for creating their winning originals 50% of the time.

Rob Marsh
VP Operations - LogoWorks by HP
Harvard Business School testimonial

RipeConcepts is amazingly talented, efficient and cost effective. They are able to understand my business needs and translate that into an attractive and functional website. I am amazed at their speed and responsiveness. I have worked with several web development companies in the past, and RipeConcepts is superior on all fronts. I would recommend them to anyone.

Paul Lehman
Private Equity Partner - Harvard Business School Alumni
GoEngineer testimonial

I have spent 10’s of thousands of dollars over the years on ad agencies who have typically failed to interpret my concepts into visual graphics. These guys hit it out of the park on the first try and likely will finish the project at 30% less than the other bids we received.

Ken Coburn
CEO - GoEngineer
GoEngineer testimonial

The work RipeConcepts did for us was fabulous. It not only reenergized our brand approach, but has given us a potentially award winning website.

Jennifer Douglas
Marketing & Training Director - GoEngineer
AlphaGraphics testimonial

I used RipeConcepts for a direct mail project and was very pleased with the results. All I needed to do was submit a creative brief and the next day the first round of compositions were in my mailbox. A few small tweaks later and I had the final product. RipeConcepts provided me with a very good product, at a great price, in a fraction of the time.

Kim Nakamura
Senior Manger of Creative Services and New Media - AlphaGraphics World Headquarters
AlphaGraphics testimonial

All I can say is “WOW”…extremely creative!!! In my opinion, you guys have hit another homerun…I could not be happier. :) I love both concepts. Very nice work!!

Sam Reed, Jr.
Store Owner - AlphaGraphics US114
AlphaGraphics testimonial

We are about to pass our 200th job with RipeConcepts. It has been a great experience. The work coming out of the team at RipeConcepts is fantastic. As a matter of fact, it is better design than we have been able to deliver in years, likewise, generally at a significantly better cost structure.

David Kovacs
President - AlphaGraphics US281
AlphaGraphics testimonial

You guys have been doing a great job the past couple of days. I just wanted to pass this along! The pieces you have been designing look great, and they are waiting for me in the morning, which I love! Thank you for kicking butt.

James Pearl
Account Executive - AlphaGraphics US281
AlphaGraphics testimonial

I have to say – you guys are amazing, and the turn-around is amazing. I need to ask – how do you do it so quickly???

Kay Daniel
Account Executive - AlphaGraphics US471
Overstock.com testimonial

The team we lease from RipeConcepts did a very nice job on the first app they did for us. It’s pretty slick, and overall looks great! We’re excited to move ahead with a large queue of additional projects!

Email Marketing/SEO & Mobile Team
Olive & Cocoa testimonial

Wow, RipeConcepts really opened my eyes to off shoring. I really like their work! They have successfully captured the style and attitude I was looking for. Fantastic!

Greg Berglund
Founder - Olive & Cocoa
Number 7 Entertainment testimonial

I give RipeConcepts a 12 out of 10! They’re always quick to meet my needs, and very helpful in the process. It’s so cool to convey an idea, go to bed, and wake up with that idea implemented in stunning design!”

Dan LaPray
President - Number 7 Entertainment
3 Point Data testimonial

We selected RipeConcepts for the value and quality of their previous work. They have not disappointed — with specialists in many areas, we always feel like one of the team is taking care of us and doing a great job.

Kevin Herrmann
CEO - 3PointData
Vandor testimonial

Vandor’s experience with RipeConcepts was wonderful. The design team worked literally night and day on our annual products catalog and the results were stunning. The responsiveness and communication was first rate, and each request was handled in a prompt manner. We would highly recommend working with RipeConcepts, and we plan to again.

Holli Mathews
Marketing & Communication Manager - Vandor
Pareto2 testimonial

The team did an excellent job. Everything on my website looks great! RipeConcepts is responsive, high-caliber, and very cost-effective!

Paul Fischer
CEO and Founder - Pareto2
Foundry Logic testimonial

We are very pleased with your work on our icons. RipeConcepts is fast, responsive, and the pricing is compelling.

Scott Anderson
Partner - FoundryLogic LLC
Ancestry testimonial

If Menard is any indication of the quality of your other employees, you clearly have exceptional talent in your resource pool.

Reed McGraw
Family Link testimonial

We have had an excellent experience doing Employee Leasing with Family Link and I had a great experience in years past with RipeConcepts when I was running HP Logoworks.

Paul Brockbank
CEO - FamilyLink.com
Vital Smarts testimonial

Though we do have an internal team, we’ll definitely call on RipeConcepts again because you guys are speedy fast and you do good work!

Steve Jensen
Public Relations Director - Vital Smarts
Sprout Marketing testimonial

I have been using RipeConcepts for almost a year. Hazel, my project manager in Cebu is really superb, highly competent and instills confidence. A real keeper!