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Dancing to the beat of work-life harmony.

Photo: Photo: RipeConcepts Summer Party 2019

A Decade and One: RipeConcepts Celebrates 11 Fruitful Years

What do you remember doing when you were eleven—learning how to ride a bike, building a fortress, throwing the hippest birthday party with clowns and magicians? At RipeConcepts, at eleven years, we did something a little different: we made a mark in the digital industry, virtually rubbing elbows with big names in the market and continuously making a difference in the field.

One thing we made different was what February 14 meant to us. While it still stood as the day chocolate and bouquet prices suddenly shoot up, it has meant something else, too, since 2009. It now signifies the birth of a team, a family if you will, and the coming together of creative minds who soon became our trailblazers.

This year, we welcomed our corporate new year with a sumptuous buffet and by recognizing the front-runners who’ve dedicated themselves for five years and more. There were forty-five of them, a number that’s so significant it actually speaks for itself on the direction of the company—we’re staying and we’re not going anywhere.

Our eleventh year celebration was attended by Tori and Shawna, two representatives from our client Alyce. We were also graced by the encouraging messages from our CEO and founder, Paul—albeit being unable to attend for recovery—and our president and COO, Miles.

RipeConcepts celebrates its eleventh year as a company, but more than that, we also celebrate the people who made it happen. And by people, we mean you. Yes, you.

We made it through because you believed in the possibilities that lie ahead. We made it through because you kept pushing for the better, never settling for less. We made it through because you carried us through. And we’ll be celebrating corporate birthdays after birthdays, always remembering that each one has a contribution that placed RipeConcepts where it’s at⁠—exactly a digital rebel that’s on time, on trend, every time.