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Graphika Manila 2018 Experience

Breaks blog category iconGraphika Manila 2018 Experience

Graphika Manila 2018 was an exciting, two-day conference that definitely jump-started the new year with creativity. The well-received event attracted thousands of design students, professionals and enthusiasts from all over the country, including our very own RipeConcepts creatives from our Cebu studio:

Inspired by Isle of Dogs

Inspired blog category iconInspired by Isle of Dogs

By: Dona
Wes Anderson’s newest stop-motion feature film, “Isle of Dogs”, has renewed my interest in stop-motion animation. The intricacy, craftsmanship, and patience required in making these films is something that I respect. It’s old-school cool. Are you a fan of Gumby? Or are you more of a Celebrity Deathmatch sort of person? Whatever rocks your boat, here’s a list of a few stop-motion videos to get inspired by:

Strokes on Paper that Stoke Creativity

Freehand blog category iconStrokes on Paper that Stoke Creativity

By: Joshua Gerard Masa
I like to keep it old school using a pencil or pen and ink on paper when it comes to creating illustrations. Sketching and drawing exercises on paper gives me a more organic and tactile feeling of what I’m creating. Although digital drawing pads and tablets are designed to possess a similar drawing experience as drawing on actual paper, there is still nothing like using traditional media as a fundamental skill set to making quality creative work.

Creative Services and Web Development Outsourcing in the Philippines

An Awkwardly Basic Primer
We can sit here, pontificate, and pretend that:

You’ve been living under a rock and are unaware that there exists, in 2016, a US$250 billion-a-year IT and Business Process Outsourcing industry, where India and the Philippines are frontrunners.
A 200-FTE creative services outsourcing firm based in Cebu, Philippines would be a credible, unbiased source of the merits of outsourcing to the Philippines, particularly to Cebu (not the capital, Manila), instead of India.

Top Cool Things About Working in a Design Outsourcing Firm

Design blog category iconTop Cool Things About Working in a Design Outsourcing Firm

Creative agency cultural artifacts from Cebu
The significance of culture in creative services organizations (agencies and such) is highly storied, almost mythical. There is a Loch Ness of a belief that an organizational culture that fosters creativity and uniqueness—however that may be accomplished—almost ensures quality output for clients’ campaigns, alignment with clients’ brands, and fresh supply of the most talented creatives and techies.

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