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Photo: Photo: RipeConcepts Summer Party 2019

Creating 3D Modeling Magic with Endygo

Endygo’s CEO, Patrick Lane, gave the RipeConcepts Cebu office a visit last August for two important reasons. One, to meet the creatives that make the 3D modeling team and two, to confirm if both companies’ cultures fit well for a long-term partnership to work. By the looks of it, Endygo is here to stay for the long haul.

Endygo is an international sales and logistics company that create online retail websites for its clients. The company offers services from product conceptualization to development with the sole objective of driving up sales. Endygo uses 3D modeling to enhance product visualization. Whereas a photograph of a product may end up flat and dull, a 3D model can add a boost of life and personality to an object that may be lacking otherwise, like a piece of furniture. A prime example is with the image above.

Endygo + RipeConcepts = 3D Modeling Magic

3D modeling, with the help of a software, creates a virtual three-dimensional model of an object. 3D modeling is used in many industries including marketing, video games, movies and virtual reality, among countless others. Lane knew that RipeConcepts was up for the job saying, “The thing that stands out most about RipeConcepts is everybody’s there trying to make sure that they do whatever the possibly can to get the project done, to keep it going in the right direction.”

“That’s a very difficult thing to find sometimes not only domestically, but also when you’re just randomly going to a new country. And that’s been an amazing experience being able to find that so quickly,” Lane adds about RipeConcepts. There was just one ingredient they needed to see to be sure that it could work: culture. Lane expressed, “The collaboration and the openness and the culture all fit with what we were trying to create. We knew instantly that this (RipeConcepts) was the right place for us.”