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Employee Leasing Services

So, we’ve found this to be true: the RipeConcepts Employee Leasing Program (ELP) improves your organization’s workflow and allows you to focus on your core. Our fool-proof process creates solid offshore teams and has eliminated the risks of leasing so you can expand globally.

RipeConcepts’ ELP provides full seating in a state-of-the-art studio in the heart of Cebu, Philippines. Just how strategic is our location? View the 2019 Offshoring vs Nearshoring Report we’ve created to learn the many benefits of creating an offshore team with us.


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How Our Employee Leasing Program Works:

Forming an offshore team is simple and straightforward with RipeConcepts. Just four easy steps and you’ve got a team right before you know it.

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Give us a job description and the number of hires that you need. A job description may include the required skillset and the level of experience for the position.

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We will recruit candidates that fit your requirements. We will pre-screen them and send you a shortlist.

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We will then interview the shortlisted candidates. If you prefer, you can interview them yourself too. If you have any qualifying short tests, we can administer them for you at this stage.

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Once you’ve selected the candidates, we will hire them and lease them back to you. Now you’ve got an offshore team!

Who can you hire?

Graphic Designers / Animators / 3D Modelers / Project Managers / Web and Software Developers /
Digital Marketers / Architectural Designers / Back-office Support / Customer Service

Why The Philippine Economy is Excellent For Outsourcing

The stability of the Philippine economy along with its highly-skilled workforce, make it a prime location to create an offshore team. With the country’s GDP at 6.7 in 2017 (the third spot after Vietnam and China), analysts declare that “[the Philippine] economy [is] currently growing at its potential”. A “sustained economic growth [is] likely to continue”, partially due to the outsourcing companies that have been a common mainstay in the country for the last three decades. A country's GDP is one of many factors to consider, there’s inflation and economic freedom, among others. To learn more, download the full report here.

GDP growth in 5 years breakdown per country

Outsourcing to the Philippines is your next best move.

  • Why outsourcing to Philippines is the best

    See why the Philippines outperforms South America

  • Why outsourcing to Philippines is the best

    Learn how offshoring in the Philippines beats nearshoring

  • Why outsourcing to Philippines is the best

    Know why Cebu, Philippines is the best location to outsource

How Outsourcing Lowers Costs

Some of the amazing talent you can hire with ELP are: Graphic Designers, Project Managers, Web and Software Developers, Digital Marketers, Architectural Designers, 3D Modelers, Back-office Support, Customer Service, and many others. We guarantee high-quality output at rates that are cost-efficient.

Take for example the annual average pay of a developer in the Philippines. The average software developer earns about $6,988 per year. This makes outsourcing development projects significantly lower compared to nearshoring.

To get a comparative data on developer rates in different locations, view our full report here.