Employee Leasing Services | RipeConcepts, Inc.

How far do you need
to go to scale?

Our employee leasing program has been mindfully
honed over the past ten years to fill every client’s
specific staffing needs.

Photo: RipeConcepts Design Studio, Cebu

So Long to the Long, Boring Process
Hiring the rockstar offshore team you've always dreamed of is much faster than you think with our employee leasing services. When you can count on one hand the steps from screening to hiring, then you know we've got offshore hiring all figured out.

1.Share with us the job description for every hire you need.

2.We will round up the best candidates based on your specifications.

3.Interviews will be administered to shortlisted candidates.

4.Employees will be leased back to you, so watch your company scale.

Why Outsource in Cebu
This little island in the Philippines pioneered the business process outsourcing industry in the country. Employee outsourcing in Cebu is a primary choice for countless businesses due to its leisure-oriented culture and economic stability. Here are more reasons why Cebu is a top choice for staff leasing:
  • Added to UNESCO's Creative Cities in 2019
  • 12th in the world's Top Super Cities according to the 2019 Tholon's Globalization Index
  • 19th in the global list of IT-BPO hiring growth in 2019
  • Boasts 27 Philippines Economic Zone-Accredited IT Centers and IT Parks
  • Has a high number of English-speaking, college graduated workforce