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Photo: Photo: RipeConcepts Summer Party 2019

Graphika Manila 2018 Experience

Graphika Manila 2018 was an exciting, two-day conference that definitely jump-started the new year with creativity. The well-received event attracted thousands of design students, professionals and enthusiasts from all over the country, including our very own RipeConcepts creatives from our Cebu studio: Govinda Trazo, Rafael Escaño, Gun Ann Rose Agravante, Shantal Lace Arbole, Joshua Gerard Masa, Lisha Marie Quinicot, and Raymund Suarez. Our representatives—who tagged themselves as the GM (Graphic Manila) Geeks—had an enriching experience at the annual creativity conference, held on February 3 and 4 at SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, learning new ways to cultivate and tap into their creative potential.

It was a real honor to be in the same room as twelve, awe-inspiring keynote speakers from local and international art scenes: Miguel Lee of Midnight Sherpa, Lester Cruz of Serious Studio, Kevin Smith of Weta Digital, Danger Dave of Hungry Castle, Ben Hughes of Stink Studios, Henry and Tom Purrington of Golden Wolf, Alexandre Cancado of Luma Pictures, Adam J. Kurtz, Evan Dehaven, Abbey Sy, Alex Trochut, and Chris Do. These renowned personalities convened to give a talk about their careers, creative process, influences, personal experiences, and all the while showcasing their brilliant works that had us sitting on the edge of our seats. Their words of wisdom fed us with insights and ideas that got our creative juices flowing and motivated us in pursuing our craft.

Day 1 of Graphika Manila 2018 kicked-off with the flamboyant Adam J. Kurtz, who gave an uplifting pep talk for creatives. Miguel Lee acquainted us with essential questions through the creative process. Lester Cruz warmed up the crowd with his charmingly awkward humor, witty ideas, and fresh eyes to problem-solving. Evan Dehaven shared his thoughts and advice on creating a strategic career path. Kevin Smith got our attention on the extensive, intricate technological process working in visual effects. Ultimately, Danger Dave pumped up the audience with his cheeky, whimsical presentation that took everybody by surprise and ended the day with a bang.

The GM Geeks were brimming over with excitement as they had the chance to meet and greet with their heroes just before the gates opened for Day 2. Abbey Sy, the only female speaker at the event, set the ball rolling and shared with us her passion for hand lettering and illustration, as well as her learnings as an artist, author, and entrepreneur. Ben Hughes presented takeaways for success and lessons learned from failure. Twins Henry and Tom Purrington entertained us with visually engaging content as they discussed imaginative animation. Alex Trochut demonstrated his skills while putting together helpful tips and tricks on typography. Alexandre Cancado took us on a behind-the-scenes tour on his involvement in the production of computer generated imagery for several blockbuster films. And last but not the least is the long-awaited Chris Do, who gave us a thought-provoking lecture about the business side of creativity, spoke on rising up from his humble beginnings, and eagerly addressed the audience’s questions.

The trip culminated with a post-event hangover for our GM Geeks; and have since been cured by a rewarding pizza break in the office as they shared key takeaways of the creativity conference to their fellow creatives. Our experience was nothing short of amazing and is surely one for the books!