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Photo: Photo: RipeConcepts Summer Party 2019

Hand-drawn got edgier

Last year, it was evident that the flat doodle-like illustrations were a hit. But it seems this hand-drawn style has evolved into an edgier take and its rawness is visible by its uneven and childish strokes.

The boldest brand that has taken this route we’ve seen so far is Nike. From their window display, you can see how the illustration stood out as if a three-year-old made doodles directly on the shirt itself. It has taken the big risk to even almost alter their invaluable swoosh mark. Well, as the brand believes… just do it.

From a corporate giant, we go to a humble artist’s sketch turned into a shirt design and being sold at Bonfire. We can’t deny this trend is going receive likes and hearts from the market. But for how long?