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Dancing to the beat of work-life harmony.

Photo: Photo: RipeConcepts Summer Party 2019

Has Lovepop Found its Magical Moment with RipeConcepts?

“My company is on a mission to create one billion magical moments,” and just like that, Wombi Rose of Lovepop shares what prompted him to come all the way to our shores. But how exactly does RipeConcepts fit into this enchanting picture?

Two friends, who most people wouldn’t imagine starting such company, founded Lovepop. Lovepop is a technology firm created Wombi Rose and John Wise, former Harvard Business school classmates and naval architects by trade. At some point, the two felt their jobs underutilized their creative ideas, prompting them to look for opportunities that would meet their need for artsier outputs.

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Upon a trip to Vietnam, the two came across the art of kirigami. This inspired Rose and Wise to mix together their recent find and what they know best. This combination proved to be an explosive mix – just what the dying greeting industry card needed.

Lovepop’s 3D greeting cards visually showcase its founders’ passion and expertise. It molds boundless imagination with precise engineering. When Rose took the stage during Ripe’s Entrepreneurial Hour, it was clear that every card is just as exciting to conceptualize as it is to behold.

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The company earned an investment from Sharktank’s Kevin O’Leary in 2015 and won an Inc. Magazine award for Category Reinvention in 2017. Wise was even selected into Forbes 30 under 30 in 2017. Not a bad way to make a splash in a stalling industry, eh?

Finding its Creative Match with RipeConcepts

Lovepop is about to get an extra helping of creative sauce with RipeConcepts. But did Rose’s expectation and reality meet when he passed through our doors?

“My impression of RipeConcepts is it’s this incredibly creative place that knows how to get work done. I have a lot of experience in design companies and it’s so hard to get the right design to figure out a good way to do it,” expressed Rose. Quite tempting to show off what he had to say about  RipeConcepts, but it would be better to hear it from Rose himself:

Rose adds, “What I really love most is the culture. Everybody knows the culture, understands the culture. They’re so meticulous about making sure that they have the right people doing the right roles.” Clearly, Lovepop and RipeConcepts are on the same page about what they value most in an organization.

Lovepop gets closer and closer to its billionth magical moment by the day. With RipeConcepts, could they be aiming for the next trillion perhaps?

RipeConcepts Annual Retreat

Another exciting reason to have Rose give RipeConcepts a visit was that he led some of the major discussions with this year’s annual retreat. Last August 25th, a handful of RipeConcepts employees spent a day with CEO Paul Ly0n, VP of Sales Stacey Dobkins and Managing Director Owen Chan.  The group shared insights and opinions in preparation for the launch of Ripe Digital Marketing, RipeConcepts’ newest brand.

What does Ripe Digital Marketing do, you ask? Watch out for the next post to learn more about it.