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6 Reasons Why the Philippines Is an Outsourcing Favorite

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You’ve read the introductory articles, you’ve set aside the budget, and you’ve narrowed down the services you want to get and the possible adjustments you’re willing to take. Generally, you’re one step closer to finding the best outsource company that offers services tailor fit for your needs. The logical next step is to answer where you should outsource.

In our previous articles, we’ve already discussed the key reasons why companies outsource and which countries are usually outsourced by giant and startup companies alike. Assuming that you’ve finished those quick courses, it’s time to check out the country that sits on the top spot—Philippines.

Here are the top six reasons why you should invest in outsourcing in the Philippines:


Cost-Efficient and Great Value for Money

The main reason companies outsource is to, first and foremost, cut operational costs, and undeniably, outsourcing in the Philippines will cut you a huge chunk of operational costs, and here’s why: Not only is labor in the Philippines considered affordable but Filipino workers are also known for their quality work and superb work ethics, meaning you’re getting more than what you’re paying for.

And not only do you save almost half the price on labor compared to that of the US or UK, but since the cost of living in the Philippines is significantly cheaper than the earlier-mentioned countries, you also save on rental, legal and HR costs, and equipment by up to 60% simply by outsourcing to the Philippines.


Ease of Communication

Ninety-three percent of Filipinos know (can speak, understand, and write) the English language), giving the country a strong upper hand in global communication. This makes it easier for the mother company to collaborate with outsource companies as there’s no more language barrier to worry about.

Most Filipinos, too, have neutral accents, making it easy for them to communicate internally and with clients. Because of the accent neutrality, Filipinos can easily adapt accents that are required of them (example British, Australian, American), which can be used in dealing with clients who are particular on race. 


Diversity of Specializations

While the country is widely known for its call center front, the Philippines is also fast growing in other specializations and is highly competitive with its competing countries. Industries like back-end support, digital marketing, web development, graphic design and animation, to name a few, have proven to be marketable in the Philippine BPO scene as well.

It is also worth noting that more outsourcing houses offer various services to aptly create a one-stop shop for their target clientele. This strategy not only benefits the outsourcing company but benefits you as well with convenience and, in some cases, more savings with packages readily available.


Time-Difference Flexibility 

Since the BPO industry has been in the country for a long time now, Filipinos have become very flexible in dealing with time differences to match their employer’s time zone. It’s become so much like second nature that graveyard shifts are expected even during job application, not something requested to the employee. With this at hand, work hours and coordination between the employing company and the outsource company is a lot smoother and easier, making tasks turn around time quicker and more timely.


Strong Government Support

The BPO field is recognized and strongly supported by the government as it serves as one of the main revenue generators of the country. This is evidenced by government and industry initiatives like voucher system from the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority  as funding support for call center training, tax and non-tax incentives to support foreign investment, and the creation of Information and Communications Technology national councils to name a few. 

With those at hand, it’s safe to say the BPO scene in the Philippines won’t just collapse any time, perfect for long-term projects, contracts. 


Young Demographic

Philippine BPO scene is composed largely of a young population. This means that you’ll be outsourcing a demographic that grew up with technology, giving them a leverage and better understanding of how it basically works to get your business ahead, as compared to the traditional method and approach. Another good thing is that there’s always a fresh, vibrant, and hip idea living in production that’s current and on trend – much like RipeConcepts (on time, on trend, every time.)


The Philippines is not only a melting pot of races but it’s also a melting pot of ideas, creativity, and solid work force that collaborates to take you further and higher.

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