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Dancing to the beat of work-life harmony.

Photo: Photo: RipeConcepts Summer Party 2019

The nature + tech Balance

Let’s focus our attention on the biggest chunk of the human population, currently estimated at two billion globally: Gen Z. This is the demographic where individualism is of utmost priority. Not necessarily to a point of selfishness, but to a highly self-aware individualist.

And while this generation is growing up in a split between two worlds — the ever-evolving fast-paced digital world and the stress-induced everyday routines — they couldn’t care less about separating the two. This generation has now dictated a culture of balance between tech life and real life. This trend is spiritualist but crosses out religion and opens up for the wellness of the mind and body, and even going beyond materialistic ideations.

This global trend celebrates nature, anything organic, and most especially the connection to self. It is visible to these from byHumankind with their upcoming beauty products’ sustainable packaging designs:

How minimal can you go? Where design blends with wellness as seen in this Google ad: