RipeConcepts: Get To Know Who We Are And What Our Culture Is

An Offbeat Bunch
of Design and Digital Geeks.

We show up every day only with the freshest ideas.
Awards and applause don’t interest us – your growth does.

Photo: RipeConcepts Summer Party 2019

From a crew of 50 to 500.

More than a decade in the creative industry has strengthened us not just in number but in skill and expertise. Our success lies in the quality of our work, our free-spirited attitude, and our collaborative approach to every project.

RipeConcepts was founded by two award-winning entrepreneurs in 2008 with the sole aim of developing on-trend creative and tailored solutions for every client. After initially offering graphic design, we have since expanded our pool of talents and expertise to web and app development, animation, digital marketing, and employee leasing.

We are headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, and with creative and business development studios in the Philippines, Hong Kong, and China. We are uniquely structured to help clients flex and scale no matter the size and industry.

Project-Based Talents

Our flexibility in adapting to different project schedules and needs has always been our strong suit (also maybe because of our weekly in-house physical workout sessions). We are built to meet your design standards at any step of your project life span.

Employee Leasing Options

We also have the ability to quickly pull together the brightest talents to become the long-term offshore team of your dreams. Our employee leasing program allows you to expand your in-house team with a highly-specialized group. Our hires will take on your company’s seasonal peaks or continuous tasks so you can scale at a speedier rate but at a lower cost. Learn more here.

We Move Fast then Take it Slow

At RipeConcepts, we put creative ideas ito action every day. Our self-starter culture allows us to make bold decisions and take on hurdles head-on, minimizing our chances of missing the next awesome project. But we know when and how to take it slow too. How can we not when we’re right at one of the best tropical islands in the world?

You’re wonderful!!! Thank you so much for all you do. What an incredible resource you are. We’d be lost without you.

Jeremiah Stettler , Chief Product Officer

The mood board is great. The product concepts are great. I love them. They made a big splash at Pitti Bimbo and we got positive responses from trade show.

Marco Piccinini , Licensing and Agents Manager
Atlantyca Entertainment

We love to help spread the word on how highly-efficient, professional, and creative your team has been.

James Dumas , Proprietor

We really like your design for the artwork. It is perfect. We really appreciate that you revised a couple of times to help us.

Danny Shen , Sales Manager
X-TRA Company Ltd.

Wow! Great stuff! Paul wasn’t kidding when he was talking about the team’s talent.

Patrick Patterson , President
Level Interactive

Thanks to your team, the Conference website turned out great! RipeConcepts has been great to work with.

Shannon Winzeler , Events Manager

Minted loves our Ripe Team - I am so happy that the partnership is working out well!

Mariam Naficy , Founder and CEO

We had one logo design that was nearly perfect on the first round! I am very pleased with the flexibility.

Linda Manci , Principal
Alliance Franchise Brands, Allegra Tampa

The team at RipeConcepts has exceeded our expectations in every way possible! Their professionalism and creativity are only exceeded by their fanatical attention to detail.

Salyer McLaughlin , Producer/Director

You did an incredible job re-designing our entire website. We appreciate the quick response and high level of communication throughout our design process.

Robert Mowat , Owner

RipeConcepts re-designed an entire brochure in a few days, did a complete corporate identity rebrand, and some self-promo marketing postcards. The work is high-quality, fast, and very professional.

Brian Blustein , Owner
PIP Printing and Marketing Services

We’ve used RipeConcepts for 5+ years. It’s like having a great 2nd shift and only paying for it when we use them. Cost-effective, Customer-focused, and Creative - the three C’s of RipeConcepts.

David Kovacs , CEO
Allegra Princeton

You guys did an AWESOME job on our flyer insert. Thanks again for going the extra mile on this project!

Sam Reed, Jr. , Account Executive
AlphaGraphics US114

All I can say is “WOW”... extremely creative!!! You guys have hit another home run… I could not be happier. :)

Sam Reed, Jr. , Store Owner

We have worked with many design firms over the years and RipeConcepts beats them all!

Steve Handy , Director of Sales and Client Retention

The animators that RipeConcepts hired for us at DAZ 3D are extremely talented! I have been very impressed with their ability to take direction.

Taylor Wilson , CTO

We like your model where we have a dedicated team for us that will work full-time and will focus only in our application. The people here are wonderful.

Mark Ortega , CTO

We are so fussy about princess faces, and we are thrilled with your work. In fact, we weren’t sure which was yours and which was ours!

Susan Griggs , Creative Operations
C.A. Development, Disney Consumer Products

I recommend you to my colleagues every chance I get. Really appreciate the top-notch work and customer service.

Erin Kelly , Account Executive

RipeConcepts did a very nice job on the first app they did for us. It’s pretty slick and overall looks great! , Email Marketing/SEO & Mobile Team

Wow, RipeConcepts really opened my eyes to offshoring. They have successfully captured the style and attitude I was looking for.

Greg Berglund , Founder
Olive & Cocoa

You’ve been AMAZING! Seriously - so impressive!

Jodie Winterton
Fuel Marketing

We finally realized the ONLY ONE that brought us value was RipeConcepts.

Oliver Bigler , CEO

The way RipeConcepts was able to grasp, interpret, and produce my conceptual canvas so quickly. Such an approach is extremely cost-effective.

Jim Hall , CEO
Versa Ventures

Everything on my website looks great! RipeConcepts is responsive, high-caliber, and very cost-effective!

Paul Fischer , Founder and CEO

I give RipeConcepts a 12 out of 10! They’re always quick to meet my needs and very helpful in the process.

Dan LaPray , President
Number 7 Entertainment

RipeConcepts did a great job in interpreting what I wanted with my website design. They came back within just a few hours and exceeded my expectations.

Kristin Thistle
TAG Hospitality, LLC

RipeConcepts is proof you can have all three: quality, price, and speed. The team has true creative vision but their responsiveness is really what makes RipeConcepts so important to us.

Paul Lehman , Private Equity Partner
Harvard Business School Alumni

Our return on investment is outstanding, the anticipated savings is roughly five times the cost of the US-hired team.

Sarah Merz , CEO
Franklin Covey Products

I have spent 10’s of thousands of dollars over the years on ad agencies who have typically failed to interpret my concepts. These guys hit it out of the park on the first try and likely will finish the project at 30% less than the other bids we received.

Ken Coburn , CEO
Go Engineer

The PHP programmers we lease from RipeConcepts have become an integral part of our team. It’s a great solution!

Travis Winger , Director of Product Development

The work RipeConcepts did for us was fabulous. It has given us a potentially award-winning website.

Jennifer Douglas , Marketing and Training Director