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How Everyday Products Come From Creative Design

By: Clarice Fuentes

How many times have you passed by a shopping aisle only to halt for a split-second? All to go back to that one item that captured your eye? That’s the power of a well-designed product. Our brains only need a span of 3-5 seconds to make that decision. Only a compelling product urges us to snatch it off the rack and take home. Creative design is very important, as it sets a product apart from its competitors.

At the RipeConcepts headquarters, product concepts and ideas turn into tangible merchandise. Creative design requires tedious research and evaluation, with many meticulous revisions. There are also many factors to keep in mind other than the aesthetics. Costing, materials, ergonomics, and functionality are also considered.

It All Starts with a Sketch

Sketching is an excellent way to start exploring concepts and it is done at the office, much like most of the design work. Working with various brands and unique products excites, thrills and challenges us to throw as many ideas on the table as possible.

After careful evaluation, the team then decides which concept is most suitable to develop further. Using professional digital design tools like the Adobe Creative Suite, we refine these sketches into digital drafts and mockups.  A slew of assessments and possible modification to the designs are then made. Once a suitable number of options are produced, they are all sent out for client feedback. Expect tons of ideas running back and forth during this stage.


When a design is final, off for production it goes. Certain specifications and detailed documents provide precise information for building the product. Sometimes, a prototype tests these concepts. We work with the manufacturer to ensure that the concepts are a success from paper all the way to its final form.

So, the next time you see a toddler learning ABC’s on an educational play mat or a kidult bragging about his two-faced gremlins, know that there is a rigorous process beyond the artistic value. No matter the task, it is very fulfilling to see our work in action. That said, if these products made someone happy, we’ve mighty gosh darn did something right!